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Member Resources

Scheme Booklet

The Scheme Booklet will provide you with useful information about the Scheme and help you to make some important decisions about how to save for your retirement.

Expression of Wish Form

The Trustee will decide who should receive benefits in the event of your death, however, you should download and complete the Expression of Wish Form as this will let the Trustee know who you would like the benefits to be paid to. It is important that you keep your Expression of Wish Form up to date to let the Trustee know if your circumstances have changed. When complete, please return to the freepost address stated on the form.

Change of Details Form

It is important that you keep the Trustee informed of any changes to your personal details. Please download and complete a Change of Details Form to let the Trustee know if your details change. When complete, please return to the freepost address stated on the form.

Additional Voluntary Contributions

Additional Voluntary Contributions allow members to make better provision for their retirement by purchasing extra pension. Members may contribute more than the minimum employee percentages required by the scheme. If you are interested in paying Additional Voluntary Contributions, please download and complete the Additional Voluntary Contribution Form and pass to your employer.

Choose Your Investment Options

When you join the Scheme you may wish to make a decision on which investment option you would like to choose. You can confirm your choice by completing the Investment Option Form and returning it to the Scheme. If you do not choose an investment option, you will automatically be placed in the default Lifestyle Strategy which is detailed within the Scheme Booklet.

Investment Switching

You are entitled to switch your future contributions or existing funds once a year without charge. Any additional switches will incur a charge. To arrange a switch, please download and complete the Investment Switch and Redirection form and return to us at the address on the form.

Members Annual Report

The Members Annual Report contains information about the Scheme and also provides a reminder of the key benefits and the investment options available to members.

Benefit Statement – Your Guide

As a Member of the Scheme, you will receive a pension benefit statement each year which provides information about the money received from you and your employer and how it has been invested. The Benefit Statement - Your Guide will help you understand the information that is provided in your benefit statement.

Chair's Statement

This Chair's Statement explains how the Trustee of Enhance has fulfilled the statutory governance standards that apply to occupational pension schemes which provide benefits on a money purchase basis during the scheme year ended on 5th April 2018.