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Current Employers

How the Scheme Works

When you join the Scheme you will be provided with access to our online system which gives you the facility to update and amend member’s records.

Download our Guidance Notes for Online Access.

Each month you will receive an e-mail to remind you to access your on-line Contribution Statement. This Statement provides a list of your employees and the contributions for the previous month.

You will be able to make changes to your account including notification of leavers, new entrants and changes to employee earnings or expected contributions. Employers are required to make any changes to employee records as soon as they take effect and by the Last date for changes as shown in the Schedule of Contribution Statements.

You will be required to approve your report each month and payment will be collected by direct debit by the Payment due date as shown in the Schedule of Contribution Statements.

Backdated changes will not be accepted by the online system. This ensures that the Direct Debit collected is based on the correct information. Backdated changes can only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

In particular please note the following:

  • Where the Scheme receives late notification of leavers or contribution changes, overpayments may not be refunded and administrative charges may apply.

  • Where the Scheme receives late notification of new entrants, death in service cover may be at risk.

These timescales will help employers to comply with the regulatory duties stipulated by the Pensions Regulator, in particular those duties concerning member record keeping, the correct and timely payment of pension contributions and timescales for notifying leavers of their pension rights.